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people wiped their feet here times today



NAME: dustamatic, DISCO, duz (dooze)

AGE: somewhere between 20 & 40.

OCCUPATION: currently collecting seashells and skating. (not getting paid for either one)

HOW MANY YEARS OF SKATIN: 18. i remember skating in cali in 1975 on a wooden board that my dad owned. but i didnt stay with it. i started again around 1983.

WHO WAS OR IS YOUR FAV SK8ER: tony hawk of course. my first pro board was a hawk, i had the same vans he wore, and haircut. tony rules. also give props to staab, alva, danforth, hackett, the gonz.

FAVORITE BOARD AND VIDEO: board would be a powell "ray barbee", staab "mad scientist", or hosoi "hammerhead." favorite video would be "future primitive" and "terror in tahoe."

FAVORITE PLACE TO SK8: the old days - at our halfpipe on elm street. this day and age, probably just the street. just cruisin around.

ANYONE YOU WANT TO SAY WHATS UP TO: my bro, my mom, my old school boys, my other bro, tony hawk, kevin staab, and tony alva if they ever reads this, all the people that hollared at my while i skated, and my soulmate, myself.

LAST WORDS: take one day at a time. live for today. find yourself. play your guitar loud and skate to have fun.

ADVICE: to live in fear is not to live.